About Us

Mission:  to be a resource for excellence in education, exercise, wellness and camaraderie for people living with Parkinson’s Disease (PD), including care partners, families and friends.

RAP’s mission encompasses physical and educational activities for the PD patient as well as motivation to thrive, despite the disease.  With a holistic approach focusing on the whole person – mind, body and spirit -- we strive for overall wellness and quality of life for entire PD community.  

What We Do
RAP supports the RSB program at Forest Hill Health + Fitness with both funding and outreach, to keep the program free for participants.  Our community outreach includes quarterly newsletters and monthly updates of educational information about PD and PD-related events.  Our efforts are designed to educate the general public and offer a holistic view of overall wellness and quality of life for patients and caregivers.  RAP members include men and women living with Parkinson’s, their care partners, families and friends.   We are a non-paid, all-volunteer organization and there’s plenty of work to be done!  Click here to learn more. 

 Where Are the Opportunities?
RAP has teamed with Forest Hill Health + Fitness, where a successful program has grown. The emphasis on exercise opens the door to many opportunities for people with Parkinson’s.   If you want to get involved, click here.

When Can You Start?
Rock Steady Boxing classes are held several times a week at Forest Hill Health + Fitness.  Call 410-893-4153 to check days and times.  For care partners and family members, RAP is always looking for volunteers to help throughout the year, but especially with big events.  Click here to learn more.  Come join us in the Rally Against Parkinson’s.